About us



Electric Library is a company founded to primarily assist libraries, knowledge management centres, document management centres, resource centres and distance learning centres to create a conducive environment where knowledge would take precedence over anything else in its creation, dissemination, acquisition and management.

Electric Library is experienced solutions provider since 1990's. We assist these knowledge management centres to acquire, capture , validate, collate and disseminate the right information to the right people at the right time. Through a selective and rigorous process , we have identified different products that can come together seamlessly to provide the basis for a knowledge management platform for our users.

Electric Library aims and hopes to play a small role in enabling organisations to become learning organisations with the capability and capacity to contribute to our growing k-economy.


Our Mission is to create opportunities for everyone by being Innovative, Dynamic, Responsible, Caring, Creative and by Constantly evolving to provide global technology Services to our customers. We, Electric Library strive to provide an environment that promotes healthy holistic development to our staff.